Digital Billboards

Our Ad design cost is about $75


Plan on $395 average design fees

Up to 50% more for a full color ad


TV shoot minimum is $1500

Radio production least $1,000

Static Billboards

Vinyl ads run about $1,500 to design and print

Our Weekly rates $135 to $165

A full page ad for ONE day > $800+

TV is at least $1,500 on a single station for just 30 spots.

Radio runs $1,000 per month

Radio runs $1,000 per month

We provide localized geographic targeting

Many times the subscription area much larger than you need

Broadcast area is massively larger than the market you serve. Wasted money

Radio runs $1,000 per month

Cycling multiple Ad images through single Ad slot = multiple demographic targets - same cost

Single image = only one targeted audience

Same repeated ad wears out your potential clients. You can change it - expensively

Unchanging, never current sales or new offerings. Not seen after 17 to 20 viewings

Changing your message every day means you can target impulse buyers

Tough to do much more than brand marking.

Have a sale?

Better plan well ahead

Brand marking advertising only option

CPM = $2.00

CPM = $9.00

CPM = $33.30 to $42.90

CPM = $1.00 to $5.00