Digital Billboards

- Ad design cost is about $75.

- Weekly rates $135 to $165

- Excellent Geographic Targeting

- Cycling multiple images through single Ad slot means incredible Demographic Targeting

- Changing your message every day means you can target impulse buyers.

- CPM = $2.00


- Plan on $395 average design fees.
- Up to 50% more for a full color ad.

-A full page ad for ONE day > $800.

- Many times the subscription area much larger than you need.

- Single image = only one targeted audience.

- Tough to do much more than brand marking.

- CPM = $9.00


- TV shoot minimum is $1500.
- Radio production least $1,000.

- TV is at least $1,500 on a single station for just 30 spots.
- Radio runs $1,000 per month.

- Broadcast area is massively larger than the market you serve. Wasted money.

- Same repeated ad wears out your potential clients. You can change it - expensively.

- Have a sale? Better plan well ahead.

- CPM = $33.30 to $42.90

Static Billboards

- Vinyl ads run about $1,500 to design and print.

- Static billboards are $700 to $4,000 per month along a highway.

- Excellent Geographic Targeting

- They are unchanging, never current sales or new offerings.

- Brand marking advertising only option.

- CPM = $3.00 to $5.00


Outdoor Digital Billboard Advertising

- Our primary business.

- We use the latest technology to expand your business.

We provide extremely effective advertising for small to medium sized LOCAL businesses. The result? increased sales!
- We are located on city roads with high traffic.

Outdoor Digital Signs

- We sell and install digital signage located on your property.

- Digital signage with well designed graphics attracts customers more than any other form of advertising.

- Digital signage makes your business stand out.

- Constantly changing advertising is proven to bring your customer inside the store.



- Need marketing guidance? We provide the perfect referral to the right company for you.

- We know who will provide constructive, clear marketing plans for you.

About Us

Welcome to Information Exchange Network

Real-time Control

- Change your own Ads anytime.

- Display multiple Ads within your time slot.

- The large billboard companies ignore your market niche - the small to medium sized business. Clearly we do not.

- Our billboards cannot be missed by the passing traffic, no matter what radio station they have dialed in.

Pricing & Effectiveness

- Compare our price point to the various mediums of advertising (see Useful Facts).

- Our CPM cannot be beat.

- Digital Billboard Advertising generates the strongest Return-On-Investment.

- Our price point is most economical of all advertising mediums.

We Adapt - Constantly

INEX was started in 1995.

- We embraced the Internet in its infancy, understanding its potential.

- The company transitioned from creating the first net-based classified ad program to Digital Billboard Advertising today.

- We consistently strive to use technology efficiently and easily.

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